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Fungi Prayer Flags

Fungi Prayer Flags


These Fungi Prayer Flags are the first of their kind. Inspired by Tibetan Prayer Flags, but for those who worship mushrooms! Waterproof and UV-protected, screen-printed locally on canvas, they can go indoors or outdoors! They look great in kitchens, dining rooms, windows, porches, above garden gates, decorating a patio wall and anywhere you want to show your fungi pride! These flags fit nicely right above a door frame.

Each image originated as a watercolor painting. There are 7 squares that are 4" x 4" and the actual art width is 4.25 ft, with an additional ~3 feet of brown twisted hemp cord on each side (totaling 10.25 ft), to allow enough wiggle room for stringing up and tying wherever it looks best. They are each secured in place by knots on the back, therefore the wind shouldn't move them around on string. They come in a cute copper-reflective box with the 7 featured mushrooms named on back.

Do note that the canvas they are printed on is at times or can get wrinkled and some edges may slightly fray with time, per the nature of canvas. More longevity if exhibited indoors, away from the elements. If displaying outside, we advise keeping out of rain and high wind areas.

Makes a great gift or present to that mushroom maniac in your life!

Comes with free sticker and is shipped with all recycled packing material from a local food coop's produce department (how fitting)!

Please contact us with any questions before purchasing. Thank you!

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