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Produce  Gift Set

Produce Gift Set


This Produce Gift set is the perfect present for anyone who worships fruit and veggies (including YOU)! This bundle saves you $17 (originally $67)! Set includes 1 Produce Prayer Flag set, 9 produce stickers, and 1 produce-themed greeting card.

NOTE: You chose 1 Produce-themed greeting card in the dropdown. If you choose Other, specify in a message what other non-produce-themed specific card you fancy from our Shop.

OPTIONAL: If this item is a gift, we can handwrite a memo (ONLY up to three sentences) for you in the card of your choice, OR it defaults to a blank card. All cards are blank inside, and are 100% recycled paper, in plant-based, compostable sleeve!

The Produce Prayer Flags feature 7 different veg, fruit and fungi watercolor paintings printed on UV-protected, waterproof canvas, strung on hemp cord.

There are 9 produce-themed stickers that are waterproof, UV-protected.

Please message us if you have any questions! Thanks :-)

1% of all sales donated to EcoHealth Alliance through our proud partnership with 1% For The Planet!

In Plants We Trust!

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